Who we are:

The Auxiliary Division of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department is comprised of professionally trained and duly sworn law enforcement officers who successfully completed an Auxiliary Law Enforcement Academy, as outlined by the Mississippi State Board of Minimum Standards and Training for Law Enforcement Officers. Each Deputy is held to the same professional standards as full-time Deputies, with the same powers, duties, authority, and responsibilities. They must meet the same hiring, background, medical and psychological standards as full-time Deputies, and are vested with same powers of arrest. They voluntarily give their time to support the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Jackson County.


Auxiliary officers work side-by-side with full-time deputies to provide professional law enforcement assistance to the citizens of Jackson County, Mississippi. They provide proactive law enforcement by patrolling residential neighborhoods, businesses and schools. They assist in search and recovery and drug task force operations, investigations, DUI enforcement, Safety Checkpoints as well as augmenting jail and detention center operations. They take on the less glamorous, but equally important tasks, such as prisoner transport, guarding inpatient prisoners at the hospital, guarding crime scenes, etc., and are typically the law enforcement component at school sporting events. This frees up full-time deputies for normal law enforcement operations. This increased manpower provides higher visibility and a greater law enforcement presence in our community.